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Connect to quickly find Brewing Partners and Suppliers. Leverage the power of community for group opportunities. 

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Craft Connect is the first Brewery-to-Brewery marketplace that fosters mutual growth through collaboration. Through a validated network of independent breweries, members can buy and sell capacity, brewing equipment, and materials, or locate collaboration partners, near or far, instantly and securely.

Also find exclusive opportunities and deals from preferred partners and suppliers. Work with other brewers to take advantage of group purchasing.

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Save time and sell more. List your products, services, and market to 3,000+ breweries nationwide. Set up unique group buy opportunities and discover new customers. Invoice, accept payments, and manage all aspects of your transaction directly on our platform. Ratings and social features allow you to build your reputation online!



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Collaborative tools built for the Craft Beer Industry:

Awesome Community

Join a validated network of brewers to find brewing opportunities, ingredients, or equipment. Our goal is to connect Craft Brewers on a platform that accelerates growth and collaboration.


Create a listing to suit your opportunity. Buy or sell and even make a listing for items needs. Manage all details and set up your terms.

Increased Flexibility

Easily manage seasonal swings and decrease risk in your operation. Choose, negotiate, and pay for the opportunities that are right for you directly on the platform.

Social Media

Find members on our directory. Message directly to find brewing partners. Or use the public forums on a listing to discuss opportunities. Had a good interaction? Leave a rating and review!

Discover Suppliers

Starting a brewery is hard enough. Now you can easily discover great suppliers to help you on your journey!

Group Buys

Collaboration isn’t just brewing beer together, it’s also pulling resources together. Suppliers can now set up group purchase opportunities. Leverage your network and take advantage of volume purchasing. 

Locally Sourced

Now local growers and ingredient providers can be discovered. Use ingredients with a story that resinates with your local consumers. Support local small businesses together!


As we continue to expand and grow, so do you! 

Servicing the Craft Beer Industry Made Easy

We are creating a connection between suppliers and brewers, locally and nationwide. Join and be discovered by a network of verified independent brewers.
Expand your network and grow with ours. We are constantly adding new verified members.
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Marketing, Sales, Message, Interact, Pay, Invoice, and Rate. We handle it all on our platform so you can focus on what you love most!

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